The Beauty of Temptation by Olivia

“An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.” – Gandhi

I learned the hard way not to trust anyone, especially after what my ‘best friend’ did to me. I began to doubt everyone who was closest to me, afraid they were going to give my secrets away. Apparently no one understood the meaning of a secret and how no one was supposed to know about them. As much as I wanted to shake off the anger slowly increasing in my body, I couldn’t. I wanted to scream as loud as I could to get my frustrations out, but I knew that wouldn’t cut it. I wanted revenge and nothing was going to stop me until I got it.

I used to tell my best friend, Rose, everything. There was not a thing she didn’t know about me. We were friends since I came into middle school and were inseparable since. She was the one that I talked to whenever my parents were yelling at each other for what seemed like the millionth time. She was the one I turned to whenever I needed to be tutored considering I was practically failing all my classes. She was the closest thing I had to a sister.

That all changed in one night at the annual senior party I have been waiting my entire high school career to attend. Everything happened at those types of parties. People hooked up, secrets were revealed, and couples betrayed each other. All I wanted was to have a good time, not have my life change forever.

When I went to the richest house in town for the party, everything was perfectly fine. I didn’t have to worry about my parents that would be better off divorced or my grades here; I could just be me. I could spend the night enjoying myself with my boyfriend who I have been dating for over a year. Nothing could go wrong, or so I thought.

My entire night went by in one big blur. I danced with my boyfriend, I talked to my friends, and had an amazing night. That was until the cops came. Some people were able to sneak out of the overly crowded house full of drunk seniors before the police came, but I wasn’t one of those lucky people. I was stuck being interrogated by the cops who apparently got a tip that someone was in possession of illegal drugs. “Who is has it? You might as well confess now. We are going to find out anyway,” one of the officers yelled to everyone huddled in the living room. His voice was raspy, like the kind of worn out voice people got from smoking way too much. We were all wide eyed and completely afraid that our parents were going to find out about this party. We couldn’t afford to get in trouble when we were going to graduate in only two months.

No one confessed to having the drugs, naturally. The officers repeated the questions over and over again until a familiar voice piped up confidently over the silence flooding the room filled with expensive furniture. “Selene has the drugs.”

What the hell?

Instantaneously every set of eyes snapped in my direction in record timing. My breath was caught in my throat, and my heart took off on over drive even though I was completely innocent. “Rose, you know I don’t have it! Why would you say that?” I yelled out to her. My voice echoed throughout the house. Everyone was watching my every move like I was going to lash out any second or something. Believe me, I wanted to, but I knew that would get me nowhere.

So there was Rose, sitting casually on one of the sofas next to my boyfriend who didn’t make even eye contact with me. What was she doing? She was supposed to support me no matter what; that’s what friends did.

A police officer, in his mid thirties, asked to check my purse I had clutched in my frozen hand. Shakily I handed it to him, knowing there was nothing in there but my cell phone and wallet. All eyes watched him as he checked every crevice of the purse until his hand emerged, holding a tiny bag of what seemed to look like cocaine.

Some people began murmuring among each other and others shook their heads at me. They shouldn’t be judging me. Half my senior class was pot heads; they were just lucky enough not to get caught. “That’s not mine! Someone put it there!” I looked frantically around the room for anyone to defend me, but I was only smacked in the face with silence. Tears formed at the corners of my eyes out of frustration. This could not be happening. This had to be a dream.

As much as I wanted to believe it was a dream, I knew it was all real. This was really happening. Someone framed me.

Right before the police escorted me, in handcuffs, out of the house to a police car, Rose came by my side. She leaned in close to me so I was able to smell the alcohol on her breath. She probably had more alcohol in her system than she had blood right now. “Karma is a real bitch sometimes. Oh and by the way your boyfriend has been cheating on you with me for the past month. I hope your parents won’t be too mad once they find out you carry drugs around in your purse. Have fun in prison, bitch.”

Her usual easy going smile turned into an evil smirk I have never seen before. Her dark eyes turned into a black abyss, telling me she was never truly my friend at all. She was only getting back at me because I was dating the guy she had a crush on for years. She liked him that much. Pathetic.

I couldn’t believe I trusted her with my life. Before I exited the house I took a look around at all the people who went to my school. I couldn’t trust anyone anymore.

*                 *                 *

It was two weeks before my trial for possession of illegal substances. Rose and I have yet to talk. Not only did my best friend shun me but so did all my other friends. My parents practically abandoned me, thinking I was guilty, and my boyfriend broke up with me for none other than Rose.

The distaste that filled my mouth at the thought of Rose was unbelievable. She needed a good smack in the face for what she did. No, she needed something worse. She ruined my life. No colleges wanted to accept me anymore. I couldn’t blame them; I was arrested for drug possession and could possibly face time in jail.

Rose ruined everything I had planned for me and she was going to pay.

Thankfully I knew her daily schedule from when we were ‘friends’. I knew that tonight she would be home alone doing her homework after a long day of softball practice. I knew she always went to bed early and never locked her back door. I knew everything and I was going to put it to good use. I was going to get my revenge.

Once outside her house, I walked over to the backdoor that was, as usual, unlocked. They really needed a better security system. As quietly as I could, I climbed up the spiral staircase to Rose’s room. She was sound asleep on her king sized bed, surrounded by all her homework spread out above her comforter.

Rage boiled inside my body knowing she deliberately destroyed any chance of me being happy only so she could have my boyfriend. If I knew she was going to do this to me I would have given her my boyfriend along with a note, thanking her for the heads up. But no, she ruined my life without me even seeing it coming. She made my life a living hell. I had nothing to lose so revenge was my best option at this point. Placing my feet lightly on the plush white carpet by her bed, I walked to the side of the bed she was closest to. The moonlight poured in through her ceiling to floor windows and onto her sleeping form.  I reached behind me and pulled out the cold gun my father had hidden in our house in case of emergencies. This wasn’t an emergency but it was close enough to me.

The metal felt heavy and freezing in my shaking hands. I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat at the sight of Rose. Cautiously I clicked the safety off the gun, trying not to make a single noise. Adrenaline pulsed through me as I raised the gun so it was aimed at Rose’s sleeping form.

Was it worth it? Two wrongs don’t make a right, right? Was I willing to destroy any other chances of me living a normal life again?

Suddenly I felt my entire body heat up like it did whenever I was by a bonfire. A feeling of calmness washed over me completely. My arms, stretched in front of me, wavered at the sudden serenity I was in. Right before they were about to fall back to my sides, two hands steadied mine. My breathing faltered, knowing there was someone behind me. I was so going to jail.

“No, no, Selene. Keep your arms steady,” the deep voice said behind me said. Somehow he was able to make my name seem like the most important thing that ever existed. His voice was so soothing I felt my footing sway, like I was in a trance I never wanted to get out of. How did he know my name?

“How do you know me?” I whispered, afraid to wake up Rose. The man’s voice behind me didn’t mind talking in his regular tone. Something in the tone of his voice sounded confident she wouldn’t hear him.

Lips hot like a blazing fire grazed my bare neck. “I’ve known you your entire life. I know you practically better than you will ever know yourself,” the deep voice said to me.

I warily turned around to face the mysterious voice. All thoughts running through my mind stopped the second we made eye contact. Just seeing his face was enough to make my heart beat wildly against my rib cage. I opened my mouth to say something but couldn’t seem to find the words.

He had black hair darker than any night sky you could ever think of, falling down on his forehead slightly. His sharp jaw angles stood out along with his skin, pale like a ghost, yet he managed to make it work for him. He had on a weathered leather jacket over a maroon v-neck t-shirt that fit over his lean yet muscled body I desperately wanted to touch. To complete his gorgeous look, he wore combat boots that looked like they have traveled all around the world. My eyes daintily crept back up to meet his, only to knock the air out of my lungs once again. He was utterly perfect. No flaw could stand against him.

Under the moonlight shining in the room, his eyes were a rich hazel I have never seen any other person possess. Towards the center of his orbs was a deep orange color matching the exact same shade as a pumpkin. If I could describe his mesmerizing eyes with as little words as possible I would say they looked as if they were on fire. I have seen flames with less orange in it than in this man’s eyes. Who was he?

Somehow he seemed to know the questions running through my mind. He parted his full lips to say, “My name is Weston.” I wanted to hear him talk for hours. Simple words coming out of his mouth would definitely convince me to do anything.

“Why are you here?” I asked him hesitantly.

Weston reached out to move a strand of my hair away from my face. His fingertips lightly grazed my jaw, sending electric shocks up and throughout my entire body.  I automatically leaned into his touch, desperate for more. “Why are you here?” he whispered back to me, his beautiful eyes flickering over to Rose who was fast asleep.

My eyes followed his to Rose, anger boiling high inside me once again. “She ruined my life. I want revenge,” I said through my teeth. I didn’t care anymore; I wanted her dead. She ruined me. “Why are you here?” I asked again.

Weston took a small step towards me, causing a smile to come to my face. The heat coming off his body warmed me up in this chilly room.”I’m here to make sure you do what is right. What do you think is right? Do you really want to kill her?”

I looked down at the gun in my hand. With a simple flick of my finger I could easily end her life. Give her a taste of her own medicine. Watch her future fade into nothingness. “I don’t know what to do anymore,” I whispered to him. Tears threatened to overflow down my cheeks. I just wanted to go back to when I was happy and Rose was my friend.

Weston placed his hand lightly on my hip. My tears easily disappeared from sight simply by his touch. “I think you should do what makes you happy. And if killing the girl who ruined your life makes you happy then you should do it. She deserves anything she gets from you. You need to let your anger out.” Weston talked to me in a soft voice as if he already knew what Rose did to me. He was right, he did know me. Looking into his fiery eyes all my questions felt as if they had been answered.

Turning my body back towards Rose, I looked at the girl I trusted with my life. She got her revenge, I should get mine. Shakily taking in a breath I looked down at my hand clasped onto the gun. Weston moved my hair away from my neck and placed his lips lightly on my skin. He continuously kissed my neck which somehow made making a decision easier. “I think you should do it. She doesn’t deserve to live a perfect life if she ruined yours. She doesn’t deserve to live if you are miserable all because of her petty jealousy.”

I looked back at Weston who had his arms wrapped around me from behind. The heat radiated off of him in waves, making me feel safe in his arms. Even though I have never seen him in my life, he was able to convince me to do anything. He was utterly perfect. “I don’t know. I don’t want to get into anymore trouble,” my whisper trailed off into silence. Weston went back to kissing my neck while I froze in his arms when Rose moved in her sleep. He was so casual around Rose, not even afraid that she could wake up at any second.

“So you are going to let Rose get away with ruining your life without punishment? She deserves revenge for getting you in trouble,” he said to me sternly. How did he know so much about me? It didn’t matter; whenever I looked into his bright orange eyes nothing mattered anymore.

Weston placed his hand on top of mine so we were both holding the gun. He stopped kissing my neck to say, “I think she needs to be punished by you. She took everything from you. Do it. Don’t bottle in your anger. Take it out on her.” He helped lift the gun higher from where it was placed against my leg. I looked over at him to see his mouth was inches from mine. He looked down at my lips, desire clear in his eyes. Instinctively I leaned forward so our lips were brushing against each other.

My heartbeat raced inside me the second we kissed. He kissed me back softly while cradling my face. I never wanted to separate from this kiss. My body melted into his grip until he pulled away from me. “Get your revenge,” he told me, his orange eyes turning into a dark rich brown.

He placed his hands on my hips to turn me around so I was facing Rose. She was still fast asleep. Thankfully she was a heavy sleeper. Weston moved the gun in my hands so it was aimed back at Rose’s chest. “Do what’s right for you,” he whispered, his lips by my ear.

I nodded my head and felt Weston move his hands to my hips for support. Taking in one shaky breath of air I felt him tighten his grip on me to show he was by my side. Slowly I pulled the cold metal trigger back until I felt it recoil back slightly. Rose’s body pushed deeper into the cushy bed the second the bullet flew out of the gun. The sound echoed through the room until it became silent once again. I looked past the gun in my hands at Rose’s now limp and lifeless body. No guilt coursed through my body, only relief. She was gone and I finally got my revenge. Now both of our lives were ruined.

“Good job, Selene,” Weston whispered into my ear, his voice rumbling through his chest pressed against my back. He placed his warm and soft lips onto my skin for a moment before pulling away. My body seemed frozen to the floor, staring at what I did to Rose.

Crimson blood dripped out of her body onto her bleach white sheets, staining them. I quickly became entranced by the sight before me, knowing I caused this. I could have let it go and lived my ruined life. I didn’t have to kill her but I did. I let Weston convince me to kill her. I killed her. I ended everything she had going for her.

I heard the faint sound of Weston sucking in a breath of air and he said in his low voice, “I will see you soon, Selene. Just wait; we will meet once again, later.” He kissed my jaw one more time before the warm feeling he gave me vanished.

Whipping my head around to face Weston, I saw that the room was empty. If he did leave the room I would have easily heard the hardwood floor creak under his weight. Rose’s house was ancient, any weight made the floor groan in pain. It was always difficult to walk around this house without making much noise. I was left alone with Rose’s body slowly getting covered in her own thick blood, left to wonder if Weston was ever here at all.


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