Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (Review)


Synopsis: St. Vladimir’s Academy isn’t just any boarding school—it’s a hidden place where vampires are educated in the ways of magic and half-human teens train to protect them. Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess. They’ve been on the run, but now they’re being dragged back to St. Vladimir’s—the very place where they’re most in danger…

Rose and Lissa become enmeshed in forbidden romance, the Academy’s ruthless social scene, and unspeakable nighttime rituals. But they must be careful lest the Strigoi—the world’s fiercest and most dangerous vampires—make Lissa one of them forever.

Cover: I really love this cover. I hated the old edition with the cheesy close up on Rose’s face, but I really love the initials that makes it look like a sort of crest for the school. I love the deep red cover which set the whole feeling for the book.

My thoughts:  This novel is about a girl named Rose, a dhampir, a mix between a vampire and a human who is supposed to guard her best friend Lissa. Lissa is a Moroi royal who is supposed to take the crown once she graduates, and she also has special abilities that all Moroi obtain. Rose has to protect Lissa from a group of vampires set to hurt Lissa called the Strigoi. Rose and Lissa run away in hopes of being safe from the Strigoi when they are captured and taken back to their academy where Rose has to train to properly protect her best friend. This is when we meet Rose’s mysterious mentor, Dimitri, who manages to entrap Rose. While she stays in the academy, tension grows between other vampires and Rose. There is drama and romance in this book as Rose tries to figure out who is trying their hardest to hurt Lissa while also trying to control Lissa and her budding powers she can’t control.

What I liked about the book was Rose’s snarky attitude that never failed to make me laugh at her sarcastic comments she threw around. I loved how tough she was and how she wasn’t afraid to stand up for her friends. I enjoyed seeing her interact with the other students in the academy who didn’t try and start fights with her. I enjoyed Lissa’s character and how Rose was so protective of her but not as much as I loved Rose. The relationship between Rose and Dimitri as they trained together was cute to see it blossoming even if he was cold to her at some points. The plot twist at the end really did surprise me. I didn’t expect things to turn around as they did which made me want to run and go buy the second novel. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the petty high school drama I’ve read about too much to even enjoy anymore. I could have done without that.

I did love this book though. It was fun. It was cute, and was a nice light read. I personally can never get tired of vampire books and I’m glad they acted more like teenagers than supernatural creatures. I highly recommend this to lovers of vampires, supernatural, and strong and mysterious characters that leave you wondering what’s going to happen next.

Rating: ★★★★★


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