Drawn by Cecilia Gray (Review)


~~Received this book via NetGalley. Thank you for letting me review this novel.~~

Synopsis: A wholly original tale of friendship and betrayal through the eyes – and lies – of one extraordinary girl. 

Sasha has a secret – that she can make you spill your secret with nothing more than a question. Her strange gift makes her a burden to her foster family and a total freak of nature. Not that Sasha cares. Why should she when no one cares about her?

Then the CIA knocks on her door. They want to give Sasha a new identity and drop her into a foreign country to infiltrate a ring of zealous graffiti terrorists. They want to give Sasha something to care about.

To survive a world where no one is who they seem, Sasha needs to make people trust her. But when that trust blossoms into love, Sasha is forced to decide between duty and friendship, between her mind and her heart, and whether to tell the truth or keep her secrets.

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery, Romance

Cover: I really loved this cover. The splatter of the paint in the shape of the heart really tied into the plot of the book which not a lot of novels are able to portray in such a simple way that quietly draws readers in. 

My thoughts: Drawn is a story about a sixteen year old orphaned girl named Sasha who works for the FBI since she has special abilities they need to help solve cases. Sasha can make people say what they’re thinking out loud by using her voice waves which was very intriguing to read about. This power she possesses easily hooked me into the novel to find out more about her life as she lived with her FBI partner who acted as her foster mother. One day after solving a case with her partner, the CIA offers Sasha a job to live in Belgium to work on a case with a new agent. This mission was to stop a graffiti artist trying to use propaganda to rile up citizens to fight for causes. 

In Belgium,  she becomes friends with a guy named Sebastien she meets at a bar and a snarky girl named Vivian who she lives with. Both of these friends use graffiti to protest animal cruelty and wanted to use art to get people to support their ideas. With Sasha’s deep love for comic books and drawing, she assists them with their outings to post graffiti art around the city. I really enjoyed these two characters who empowered Sasha and helped her find herself by supporting her hobbies like true friends would. 

Throughout the entire story, I also liked reading about Sasha as she surveyed areas around her for potential weapons and exits. It really showed her skills she gained when she worked in the FBI. I also loved reading about her love for comic books and superheroes which was basically an escape for her which made her a relatable character since everyone wants to find an escape from reality. What I really hoped for was more background on her life as a foster child, but in the end was disappointed to find out that there was no real discussion on her past before working for the FBI. 

This novel, which I believe should be read by young teens around the age of 13 to 15, was a quick read but lacked description in the action scenes towards the end of the story. I wished they were written better to help me connect with the story in a deeper way and would give me that action feeling spy novels give me. One other thing that bothered me was her mission in general. Finding a graffiti artist for the CIA seemed a little juvenile and should have been dealt with by the police in my opinion.

At the end of this novel, which did have decent plot twists and hints of humor, thanks to Vivian’s character, I felt that I wasn’t left with any real closure. I wish there was a sequel to wrap up the questions I was left with that made me wonder what happened to the supporting characters the author kind of forgot about. Even though this story was missing some details I wanted to be included, it was not a terrible book to read. It was based around the power of friendship, the appreciation for art, and the act of standing up for what you believe in which I liked. I do recommend it to curious young readers who need a nice pick-me-up book that can be finished in a short amount of time on a weekend or vacation.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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