Short & Happy (or not) Edited by Richard Bunning (Review)


**I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Synopsis: SHORT & HAPPY (or Not) brings together authors from English speaking countries around the globe and a sprinkling of ex-pats who enjoy life in non-English speaking countries as well. Their stories cover just as wide a spectrum of subjects. Humor (or humour), light romance, science fiction, fantasy, memoir, satire, reflection, exotic locales … it’s all here in bite-sized pieces.

Cover: I’ve read many anthologies and usually the covers are pretty generic considering it is nearly impossible to create a cover that relates to each story in the anthology. So I don’t really mind this simple cover since it’s dark and clean looking.

My thoughts: This novel is a collection of stories each written by different authors. Each story is vastly different from the next and can interest nearly every reader with the large variety of genres it contains. Now, I have never reviewed an anthology before, so rather than discussing each individual story, I’d like to just highlight my favorites and talk about the writing in general in hopes that it’ll spark some people’s interest. 

One story named Surviving A Cold Snap perked my interest immediately since it was one of the first pieces of writing in this novel. It was a brief story of a lady out in a lodge in the middle of the woods when she suddenly heard a mysterious noise. This created the setting of the story that was centered around her trying to find out what the noise was. It was written in a way that easily gripped me and made me interested in the character for the short amount of time the story took place. Another story named Dream Time told a story about dreams that came to life. It was a bit more confusing than the other stories in this book where it described a lady who lived two different lives, one in reality and one in a dream. Either way, this story was well written and flowed easily as it went back and forth between reality and her subconscious. 

November was one of my favorite stories in this anthology. It was about a lady who was unhappy with her life and dwelled on her past love she lost. It was a nice fluffy autumn story to read, and I wished that it was longer in order to see what happened next after the character met a man who gave her hope for happiness. Another entertaining story was The First Coven which was about a daughter who was set on bringing her deceased mother back to life in order to bring her father happiness. It was written as if it were a fairy tale full of potions, talking animals, thieves, and like any other fairy tale, a moral to the story. Each author who contributed to this anthology helped create small worlds within the pages and made it diverse with the tales written by each person. This anthology is a quick read that anyone can finish in one sitting and can teach aspiring writers about different styles to construct stories. I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology and will be sure to pick up others now whenever I need a pick-me-up book.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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