Firefly by P.M. Pevato (Review)

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: Most residents of the quiet alpine town of Snow Valley would scoff at the idea of witches in their midst, yet a deadly war rages beneath the surface as witch hunters stalk the local coven.
The hunted—a coven of teen witches just emerging into their full talents
The hunters—a family of immortal witch hunters assigned to assimilate, infiltrate, and eliminate the coven.
Teenage witch Emeranne Goode, or Ems, has a recurring dream in which she follows her beloved fireflies as they shimmer and dance toward the forest. She finds a boy, lying on the ground but sees only his gray eyes glowing a silvery sheen at night.

Witch hunter Bennett Bassett remembers nothing of his mortal life. Torn between his human values, buried deep within, and his heartless duties as a witch hunter, Bennett and his family hold the fate of the Snow Valley Coven in their hands.
Ems and Bennett’s growing affection for one another is doomed from the start: she is the hunted and he is the hunter. Can they survive impossible odds and opposing forces, forces determined to keep them apart?

In the tiny alpine Village of Snow Valley, the dark forest holds many secrets, secrets of unsolved murders and shocking betrayals.

The first book in an exciting series, Secrets of Snow Valley, Firefly peels away the layers of secrets hidden within the sleepy little alpine valley to reveal the dark histories and solve the even darker mysteries that lie beneath the surface and pit the coven and their protectors against the witch hunters.

Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy

My thoughts: This book is about a high school girl, named Emeranne, who is apart of the Snow Valley Coven with her friends. She lives a somewhat normal life as a witch in town until one of the elder witches is found murdered on a nearby mountain. This makes every member of the coven terrified that the immortal group of witch hunters, called the Fire Born, are in Snow Valley, set out to kill witches. Bennett Bassett is apart of the secretive group of Fire Born hunters, trained to eliminate all witches in sight. That is until he comes across Emeranne, who he begins to develop feelings toward until he questions whether or not it is right to kill witches rather than protect them. Told in dual perspectives from Emeranne and Bennett’s point of view, this exciting story takes you on a journey with witches, spells, murder, mystery, hunters, and betrayals.

I had the immense privilege of reading an earlier draft of this novel about a year ago, and I absolutely love every change P.M. Pevato made to her mysterious fantasy story. It actually is one of the first books I’ve read centered around witches, and I loved the world that was created in the small town of Snow Valley. The story begins immediately with Emeranne finding a witch that was recently killed by Fire Borns, setting the entire plot of the slow burning novel which eventually becomes action packed. 

Something I liked about the book was how closely knit the Snow Valley Coven was. They all served a purpose in the problems they faced and all supported one another through various situations, and I loved the friendship they had. The only thing that confused me a bit was the names of the members of the coven that I sometimes mixed up. But thankfully this book had a character index that guided me through the story whenever I became confused. 

Another thing I enjoyed was the fact that Emeranne and Bennett’s relationship wasn’t that rushed. They got to know each other over time and the reader was able to read poems in Bennett’s point of view which showed how much he cared for Emeranne who he was hesitant to speak to because of his profession. This story is a quick easy read that ends on with a bang that left me wanting more. Mysteries are solved but questions are left open for the series to progress into the second novel I am eager to read. 

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3 thoughts on “Firefly by P.M. Pevato (Review)

  1. Beautiful cover and it sounds like a haunting dark fantasy with grit! There’s not nearly enough witches story about. Great review 🙂

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