Bookish Outfits | Sirius Black

On my Tumblr, I began to do a blog feature called Bookish Outfits where I’d either dress up like characters from books or dress in outfits that matched book covers. It thankfully has received a lot of positive feedback and I have many more outfits planned to take photos of in the future! I have decided to feature them on this blog to show you the different characters I have dressed up as as well as talk about the clothing items I got to create this outfit.

One of my most favorite Bookish Outfits that I have done so far is my Sirius Black outfit I recreated myself to look like the female version of my favorite character from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. 

IMG_9507To create this outfit, I had to scour the internet for different clothing pieces to bring this Hogwarts uniform to life. It took a while, but I am so glad with the outcome of it because it really does look like I attend Hogwarts and I am Sirius Black with my crazy curly hair! 

Here’s the items I used to create my Sirius Black inspired outfit (Most of the items I found at Forever 21 for a very cheap price) : 

  • A charcoal v-neck sweater
  • A white button down (to layer underneath the charcoal sweater)
  • A red tie (to match the Gryffindor colors that Sirius Black was apart of in Hogwarts)
  • A grey skater skirt
  • Charcoal knee highs (Make sure it matches either the skirt or sweater to stay cohesive!)
  • Lace black Oxford shoes
  • *Remember to get a wand to look like a real wizard and not a Muggle!*

The outfit is simple and easy to create yourself if you ever need a good Halloween costume and you’re a giant Harry Potter fan, like myself. And if you want to look like other characters that attend Hogwarts, all you have to do is change the color of the tie to match the Hogwarts house colors for the character you’re dressing up as! It’s that simple! I hope you like my Bookish Outfit because there are many more to come! 



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