The Pirate by E.C. Jarvis

12747366_445102849015497_3845983037604447137_o*I received an early draft of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: Larissa’s new role as Captain of a pirate airship was never going to be simple. The mess of events that lead to her change of career don’t seem to be abating. Can she convince her crew to stick around through all the unusual and dangerous events? Or will she succumb to the mounting pressure and grief that others impose on her at every turn? The unravelling mysteries from her past mingle perilously with airships, fights, and explosions galore.

The Pirate is book 2 of the Blood and Destiny Series, following on directly from the events of The Machine.

Genres: Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this sequel of The Machine because it picked up right where the first story left off and brought us right into the middle of the action again when Larissa is now the captain of the pirate ship and now has a crew to care of. There wasn’t the tedious catch up that some sequels have where the narration reminds you of what happened in the previous book, which is a pet peeve of mine. Instead we were thrust back into this magical and action filled world with Larissa, Cid, Holt, and new dangerous characters. 

This book definitely had more pirate aspects woven into the story which was very entertaining to read. It was fun to read about the characters living on a ship as they sailed into unknown territory along with the battles that took place on the ship as well. It reminded me of The Pirates of the Caribbean, which was definitely a plus in my eyes. Another detail that was amazing was the character development in Larissa. She went from this meek girl and grew into this strong commanding captain of a ship full of men. She was able to take charge and get things done in a way that impressed me because she grew so much as a character from the previous novel. She also let her relationship with Holt develop in a way that took some twists and turns along the way, making me wish that Holt would just be a reliable character for one moment! *shakes fist*

The only element that I thought should be expanded upon was Larissa’s connection with the Cleric which, at times, confused me, but was still interesting to read about because it helped add some drama into the mix of the story. Overall, I found this quick read to be entertaining and a fun fantasy novel to pick up. If you’re ever in the mood to binge read two books in a row, The Machine and The Pirate are the books for you.

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