The Go-Between by Veronica Chambers (BLOG TOUR)

32673416Thank you to Random House Children’s Books for allowing me to be apart of The Go-Between’s blog tour! For my portion of the tour, I wanted to share an aesthetic collage I created, along with the link to my book review for the novel. If you don’t know what an aesthetic collage is, it’s a group of photos that represent certain elements from the novel! 


She is the envy of every teenage girl in Mexico City. Her mother is a glamorous telenovela actress. Her father is the go-to voice-over talent for blockbuster films. Hers is a world of private planes, chauffeurs, paparazzi and gossip columnists. Meet Camilla del Valle Cammi to those who know her best.

When Cammi s mom gets cast in an American television show and the family moves to LA, things change, and quickly. Her mom s first role is playing a not-so-glamorous maid in a sitcom. Her dad tries to find work but dreams about returning to Mexico. And at the posh, private Polestar Academy, Cammi s new friends assume she s a scholarship kid, the daughter of a domestic.

At first Cammi thinks playing along with the stereotypes will be her way of teaching her new friends a lesson. But the more she lies, the more she wonders: Is she only fooling herself?


Top Left Photo: This photo is who I’d fancast as Cammi from The Go-BetweenThe model is Cierra Ramirez who is a Mexican American actress from The Fosters. 

Top Right Photo: The next photo represents L.A., the city Cammi and her parents moved to because of her mother’s latest acting deal in America.

Bottom Left Photo: This photo of lockers represents the new American high school that Cammi has to attend now that she is living in Los Angeles.

Bottom Right Photo: This photo of windows open, along with a curtain blowing in the breeze, just represents the aesthetically pleasing view that Los Angeles has to provide and Cammi no doubt sees from her new home in America.


Book Info: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble


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