One Night More by Sabrina Sol | COVER REVEAL

If you’re looking for a wonderful romance author to fall head over heels for, then look no further because Sabrina Sol has a new novella out on December 18, 2018! I’ve been such a big fan of Sabrina’s work because she is a fellow Latina and writes amazing romance novels that you can curl up with and read during a cozy weekend. My favorite book of hers is Delicious Satisfaction* which is a foodie, second-chance romance that completely captured my heart.

Now, she has a new novella to share with the world and I’m honored to share the cover with you all! But first, let’s look at the synopsis of the novella.

One Night More Synopsis

With only hours until her big 3-0, Vanessa still has three things left on her “Before I Turn Thirty” bucket list: have a one-night stand, get a tattoo, and get engaged. When her boyfriend dumps her during dinner, she knows a ring isn’t happening. But no-strings sex with the handsome stranger she later meets at a bar? Check.

Mateo never expected to hook up with the sexy brunette. He also didn’t expect for her to bolt before he could get her last name. Luckily, he’s about to get a second chance.

But Vanessa only wants to forget that night once she realizes Mateo is the owner of the landscaping company vying for a lucrative contract at the hotel where she and her father work. With Vanessa’s dad deciding if Mateo’s business will get the multi-million dollar deal, they must keep things strictly professional—or else risk consequences that could hurt both of their families.


One Night More Cover Reveal


One Night More 500x750

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